Real Estate.

We filter our listings through well-known real estate engines such as Trulia, Property Shark and Zillow to ensure your home listing targets those seriously looking to invest in a new property. These sites have great search functions so potential buyers can zero in on their dream home—which could be yours.


Trulia is a high-ranking real estate sales website, complete with real estate guides and tools to measure the popularity of a given housing market. This means your property will reach an extremely wide audience and develop trust in their investment.

Zillow Real Estate

Buyers come to to track neighborhoods, property trends and area and home improvements. Zillow’s algorithm takes these factors into account, putting your home on top for maximum page views and exposure.

Front Door

The real estate website of HGTV,’s helpful guides and slideshows bring in potential home buyers; the listings keep them there, where they can find your property.

Cyber Homes’s layout featuring top properties alongside helpful articles on the real estate market, neighborhoods and local schools attracts buyers serious about your home.

Hotpads’s home page features a clickable, interactive map plus helpful resources, meaning potential buyers can hone in on your property.

Home Finder

Owned by three major media companies—Gannett, Tribune and McClatchy—’s listings filter through the websites of dozens of major papers, so buyers can check out their property with their morning news.

Backpage’s simple page layout, arranged by metropolitan area, means home buyers can check out your property with minimal fuss—and easy downloads on mobile devices as they’re out checking open houses.

CLR’s handy function to search listings by address, zip code or town mean buyers who are focused on moving to your area can focus in on your neighborhood.


Offering both simple text search and advanced search by property, building type and a host of other parameters, lets buyers hone in your home easily and quickly. It gets buyers who know what they want.


Whether they’re looking to buy or rent a property or just have some vacation pied-à-terre, will get your buyer to your listing. Its array of online partners help further to broadcast your home to the world.

Lake Homes

Those looking to move away to a cozy Hamptons hideaway or Catskills ski chalet can check out, making you and your buyer’s relocation dreams a cinch.

Land Watch specializes in large-scale property, both in terms of acreage and opulence, with many properties going for above $1 million. It’s the outdoor enthusiast and luxury buyer’s first stop to finding your property.

Resortscape, as its name would suggest, specializes in resort and pied-à-terre properties the world over. Your property listing will reach anyone who’s seriously looking for a home away from home.


Enormo offers property seekers the ultimate in simplicity: just a simple text box into which you enter a city or zip code of your desired area. Your listing will reach the focused buyer who wants a no-nonsense approach—or is out and about on a mobile device and appreciates streamlined website design.


Created by real estate investors for real estate investors, eRealInvestor’s search technology incorporates various real estate market data parameters, meaning investors can find properties to best suit their needs.

Myrealty’s proprietary Global Listing Service means your listing will reach the maximum number of prospective home buyers online. In addition, the website’s local business listings mean your buyer can get a feel for your neighborhood.

Open House Real Estate

A subsidiary of HGTV’s, the media company’s fine design and marketing reach will give your home listing a sparkling touch and prime visibility. Plus the site’s easy-to-use clickable map will put your home within a buyer’s easy reach. offers an integrated platform of home listings, real estate advice forums and online resources. Buyers can come here, check out your property and get their questions answered in one fell swoop.

My New Place is a search engine for rental properties, connecting property owners with a bevy of tenants from around the globe.

RELO Home Search gives information about neighborhoods, property values and realtors around the world, meaning your listing could be viewed by billions. Plus when the time comes, relocation will be at your fingertips.


With some 78,000 agents, Texas-based Keller Williams is one of the top three largest real estate firms in the United States by size. By having your B.H. TAL property filter through KW’s listings, your property will reach buyers ready to make a major relocation.

Listings To Leads

Listings to Leads is a service for realtors to ensure their listings are posted on the highest-traffic websites, among which is your property for sale.

Showing Suite

ShowingSuite is an integrated platform where realtors and potential buyers can interact, communicate and schedule home showings. This all makes it easier for buyers to come check out your listing.

Pulse Mailing

Pulse Mailing takes our listings and generates postcards to be sent to its target market. It’s just another way to ensure your property gets maximum exposure.

Property Shark publishes listings from a dozen major real estate markets, helping those looking to move from start to finish.

Smart Zip

SmartZip offers buyers and investors detailed reports on properties in terms of potential resale value, giving potential buyers confidence as they move forward on closing on your home.

Ocean Homes USA

A bit of seaside respite can be yours at, helping your dreams—and of those looking to relocate—can come true.

River Homes USA

From north woods Minnesota homes peering over the mighty Mississippi in its infancy to quaint homes in artists’ colonies along the Hudson, will sort out home buyers’ relocation needs.

Property Pursuit is a nationwide real estate site featuring some 1 million listings. The large index, combined with the helpful articles on purchasing a home, make the site an all-in-one stop.

Home Winks offers several search parameters such as zip code, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and minimum and maximum price, meaning potential home buyers will get exactly what they’re looking for when they admire your listing.

Relocation can assist with every step of your move, from finding a new home, moving companies, storage, insurance and home financing. Your home listing will be in the mix, meaning buyers can check out your home while you just might be checking theirs.

National Relocation

NationalRelocation's tagline says it all: "for people on the move." Offering information on real estate, moving companies and neighborhood amenities, NationalRelocation syncs all aspects of the moving process, keeping home buyers on track.

Freedom Soft

Freedom Soft is proprietary software and advising firm on real estate investment. By having your listing on Freedom Soft, your property will be a target for those looking to shore up their finances.

Home On The Tube is a site that displays your home via online video, giving your listing the multimedia treatment, allowing home seekers to attend your open house from all over the globe.

USHUD is an online compendium of foreclosure listings and REO (real estate-owned) properties from across the United States. Its clickable map by region helps home buyers narrow their home search.

Home Tour Connect’s platform focuses on mobile applications, streaming video and e-flyers, giving your home listing the modern advertising touch.

Realty Store is a nationwide search engine of foreclosed properties as well as a site for information on investing in undervalued properties, helping both the home buyer and real estate investor.

Foreclosures is a nationwide search engine of foreclosed properties, allowing buyers to select from a wide range of real estate that best serves their home search or investing needs.

Military is a site devoted to helping members of America’s armed forces keep in touch following service. Your listing will reach this vast network.


Wal-Mart is synonymous with bargains. By having your listing on the international chain’s website, your listing will reach millions of people looking for a prime deal.

Home Hippo

With listings in 32 languages, covers Europe, translating into easy searches for international relocation and vacation homes.

Real Estate Central’s interface is simple: just enter a zip code and desired price range; and potential buyers are within target range of your listing.

Homes By Lender is a searchable network of foreclosure properties, searchable by state and region, giving potential buyers and investors ease.

Quantium Digital

QuantumDigital is a service offering print and email real estate marketing, meaning realtors who subscribe to the neighborhood can broadcast your listing in just a few clicks.

Integrated Asset Services

Integrated Asset Services is a directory of REO (real estate-owned) properties, as well as non-REO properties, geared towards investors. The site is easy to navigate, thanks to its numerous search parameters and clickable, interactive map.

Learn More Now offers an interactive system through which potential buyers respond to postcard advertisements to check out listings—which may be yours.

Condo Compare is a search engine for condo listings, with parameters adjustable for price, location and other factors.

Harmon Homes offers listings, information on neighborhoods, financing and relocation and a service where buyers and click and store their favorite properties. With some 1.3 million listings, yours will factor in.

Vertical Brands is a network of comparison shopping websites for real estate, apartments and senior housing, giving your potential customer ease in browsing.

Impact Marketing

Impact Marketing Specialists creates marketing platforms for real estate and REO (real estate-owned) properties. This helps your listing get the spotlight it deserves.


With more than 125,000 listings, covers the U.S. Canada real estate markets, giving your property maximum page views.

Loop Net is a top site for commercial real estate. Potential buyers can check out how to get financing for commercial property, check out listings and trends all in one stop.

Pilot Media

Pilot Media focuses on both print and digital marketing, giving your listing exposure via various types of media.

Smart Text CRM

SmartTextCRM is a service that broadcasts your listing via cell phone text message, keeping your listing as nearby as your buyer’s pocket or purse.

Cheplak Leads

Cheplak Leads is a listing management and marketing software designed to get your listing the most online visibility.

Print It All

Print It All synchronizes listings into printable media such as flyers and postcards, so your home listing will get maximum visibility.

Homes Book is a real estate search engine providing listing data, photos, realtor information and maps. It’s yet another way to get your home listing the maximum visibility.

Virtual Tour is the leading 360-degree property tour site. Potential buyers can check out the interior of your home from all angles, giving them peace of mind from any corner of the globe.

Home Gain is an online source of one-stop real estate marketing, meaning your potential buyers can research neighborhoods, home values and potential new properties within a few clicks.

Ultra Foreclosures is a subscriber-based service to research foreclosed properties across the U.S. Given its members-only search function, those searching on the site are serious about buying and investing.

Reak Estate Active is a global real estate database of residential and commercial properties, helping home buyers and relocation seekers the world over.

PCS Realty targets military communities by focusing on areas near posts or bases, meaning that this highly mobile demographic will see your listing.

Unique Global Estates

Unique Global Estates focuses on luxury properties of $1 million or more, featuring some 54,000 properties in 100 countries, making relocation and pied-à-terre search a simple pleasure.

Point 2 Homes

The website of major real estate listing service Point2, your home will be broadcasted to realtors and property seekers across the globe with professionalism and zing.

Campus Homes Online

As its name suggests, CampusHomesOnline targets the lucrative university real estate market, helping professors, students and visitors find their collegiate home, whether it’s for the long term or a game day weekend.

Visual Homes features real estate listings through multimedia, giving the potential home buyer sights to see as well as key details.

Real Town is among the oldest real estate websites. Its network of bloggers, dedicated followers and articles will give your property a solid buyer and investor base.

The Housing Block

With coverage across the U.S., Canada and the U.K., The Housing Block’s easy-to-use page design makes relocation and real estate searches just a click away.

Viva Real is the website of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, offering bilingual listings across the U.S.

The Housing Pages

TheHousingPages is a centralized database of real estate listings for both potential home buyers and sellers.

Kazork’s tagline is “transparent real estate,” meaning that it provides a clear and simple way to search for real estate, helping buyers get to your property with minimal fuss.

Street Seed's map-based search system allows prospective property buyers to zero in right on a listing’s neighborhood, meaning your listing will be seen by the discerning customer.

City Clickable Directory

Clickable City Directory is a database searchable by ZIP Code, letting prospective buyers hone right in on your listing.

Home Flip is a nationwide directory of properties for rental or sale, complete with the crucial details potential buyers need to know.

Search Engines.

Providing one-stop clicking—search tools, email, news, the whole shebang—having your B.H. TAL listing on search engine sites means your listing will get maximum page views, thanks to these sites’ high traffic.

Google Maps

Putting your property on Google maps ensures your property will get maximum exposure. With Google being the world’s highest-traffic website and Google maps an indispensable way to learn its surroundings; the service is a must for visibility.

Yahoo Real Estate

Yahoo! Real Estate offers the buyer one-stop online shopping. Given Yahoo’s pull for easy access to email, news and blogs, its real estate section is just one click away. Yahoo! Real Estate offers a whole platform through which users can compare homes, neighborhoods and the local housing market.

AOL Real Estate

AOL Real Estate’s page draws in customers with its attractive layout of listings, popular blogs and insightful, original articles on the industry. This has drawn in customers looking for a full-service online real estate experience.

Lycos is among the longest-running search engines on the Web. Its dedicated following can get to real estate listings—including yours—from just an extra click as they check their email and news in the morning.


If there is one thing retailers know how to do, it’s to sell. These top stores, both brick-and-mortar and online, know their job well—and your home listing will benefit from their marketing acumen.


Overstock is known to bargain hunters all over. Given the site’s pull as a bargain brand, getting people to check out your real estate listing is but a click away from checking out home goods.


Thanks to Oodle’s breadth of items, buyers looking to relocate to your area have one-stop shopping, from new cars and furniture—and your home.

Local is more than just a real estate website. It’s a directory of all that’s going on in your neighborhood, such as restaurants, concerts and coupons. Not only is it a great place to have your home marketed, it can show buyers what’s there once they move.


As the world’s leading online auction site, eBay is the first stop to bid on bargains the world over.


Wal-Mart is synonymous with bargains. By having your listing on the international chain’s website, your listing will reach millions of people looking for a prime deal.


Whether it’s the online home of a newspaper, the internet site of a television network or a whole press conglomerate, having your listing on these sites means home buyers can check out your listing with their morning news and coffee.


Our listings filter throughout media conglomerate Scripps’ vast network. From newspapers across the country to the multimedia reach of brands such as HGTV, Scripps has your listing broadcasted—quite literally.

Homes & Land

The online home of Homes & Land Magazine offers incisive content on local real estate markets alongside nationwide listings. It lends prospective buyers peace of mind and information about the area, plus clean layouts showcasing your property.

Military is a site devoted to helping members of America’s armed forces keep in touch following service. Your listing will reach this vast network.

Tweet Lister broadcasts home listings across social media site Twitter, making your property a viral internet sensation.

Liquid Us

Liquidus is an advertising firm focusing on online, television and mobile marketing. Having your listing syndicated through Liquidus will mean it will be featured using the latest software and technology.


Comcast on Demand lets cable subscribers select from listings and programs to view; among them real estate. Potential home buyers just need to settle in on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and tune in to check out your home listing.

Realty Showcase

This is a cable network featuring home listings. The potential buyer of your listing just might be checking out your property while settling down on the couch.

Regional Sites.

Having your listing on regional real estate sites and online newspapers will reach the buyer looking to relocate, make a property investment in your area or just have a vacation home near you.

Austin Home Search is geared toward buyers, sellers and realtors in and around the Austin, Texas community. Having our listing on this site will help those looking to relocate.

Northern Nevada Regional MLS

The pre-eminent real estate listing service in northern Nevada, your listing will get broadcasted to everyone in the region looking to relocate.

MLive is a news website covering all of Michigan, with local versions for several cities in the state. Having B.H. TAL’s listings on means relocation synchronicity on both sides.

Maine Homes covers listings across the state of Maine, helping both those looking fully to relocate and get someplace cozy for a vacation.

Homes Database focuses on properties in the Washington, D.C. metro area, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, making relocation and second home search a cinch.

Sierra Nevada Media Group Real Estate

Sierra Nevada Media Group runs newspapers based in California, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon and South Dakota, reaching those looking to relocate in these areas.

Suburban Real Estate News covers listings in eastern and central Massachusetts and Maine, making relocation on simple both sides.

Soukous is North America’s largest Chinese-language real estate site. Geared toward helping Chinese speakers explore the U.S. real estate market, it’s another 1.3 billion people or so checking out your listing.

Commerical Appeal

The real estate section of Memphis, Tennessee paper The Commercial Appeal will target readers in the area looking to relocate.


Named for the state’s area code, focuses on real estate in South Dakota, helping those in the eastern Great Plains who are looking to relocate.

Denver Post is the leading news source for the Denver area, meaning your listing will help Mile-High moves seamless.

Register Guard

Having your listing on the online home of Eugene, Oregon paper The Register Guard will help those looking to relocate from the other coast.

Hudson Valley Homes

This website, focusing on the Hudson Valley area of New York, will feature your listing to aid in moves between city and country.

Sea Coast Real Estate caters to New Hampshire’s seacoast region. Those looking to relocate in this area can log on to this site and get set up.

Mexico Buyers Guide

For those looking to relocate to or from Mexico, Mexico Buyer’s Guide is the one-stop online resource.

Home Trader is among Canada’s top real estate websites, gaining advertising, marketing and exposure for your home north of the border (as well as down here in the States).

Zoo Casa

ZooCasa gives your home listing maximum exposure across Canada. Potential home buyers can modify their search depending on their top real estate priorities.

Trovit is a top real estate search engine in Europe and Latin America, helping to sync international relocation and vacation property searches.

House Hunting

Run by Canadian media group CanWest, having listings synced through means Canadians will check out properties with their morning news and donuts.