Short Sales

Do you owe more on your house than what it is worth? Do you have an underwater mortgage? Do you want to avoid a foreclosure? A short sale may be an option for you.

If you are having problems keeping up with your mortgage, a short sale can help you maintain peace of mind during this nerve wracking period in your life. B.H. TAL will help you get through it.

B.H. TAL Real Estate is a leader in short sale negotiation. Our team knows how to negotiate with lenders to avoid foreclosure. Our financial network will help you sort out the best solution to your homeowner needs and make sense of the situation so you can emerge with a clearer head and finances. We’ll contact all the necessary parties and get your paperwork in order. Plus unlike other real estate companies, our short sale services come at no extra cost to you.

We’ll guide you each step of the way. From starting the process with the bank to the sale of your home, from helping you restore your credit and get resettled in your new house, B.H. TAL is there for you.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation. You have everything to gain.

Short Sale Testimonials